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WomenScape Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited is a one-of-a-kind community, we are here to inspire, uplift and connect.

Meet new people, learn new things, and challenge your idea of what you thought was possible!!!

Whether you’re after community, education, inspiration or networking… our membership will help you dream bigger, upskill further, and put you in the room with your next biggest opportunity. This is a membership for women who want to rise to new heights, and bring others along with them. 

What you will have access to as a member?

  • It serves as a platform for interaction and information sharing to aid us in our businesses, or as we embark on the journey to establish one.
  • It connects us to affordable access to loans or credit facilities.
  • It provides us with savings and investment opportunities.
  • It offers training and mentorship programs to help align our business goals.
  • It grants access to social activities that enable us to promote, advertise, and sell our products and services.
  • Lastly, it provides a platform to give back to our communities through outreach programs that support the vulnerable in our local areas.

This will indeed be a game changer, as you'll collaborate with experts to ensure your products and services are financed, advertised, and packaged to meet your clients' expectations.

We exist to put you in the room and give more women a seat at the table…