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WomenScape trading as WomenScape Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited (WOSACCO), was established to empower women and youths in our local communities, by providing them with savings, loan products and training support.

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FinScape Advisory Services is a financial services company with its core business focusing on offering professional services such as bookkeeping, Payroll processing, Statutory and Regulatory filing, Financial Analysis and Company Secretarial services.

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KidsScape Day Care & Events is an all-for-kids center which provides daycare services, hairdressing, and event management services.

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FoodScape Farm Supplies offers both poultry and egg produces to local marketeers and restaurants.

Mission, Vision & Values

  • Our Mission

    We are committed to promoting the members’ economic independence and social responsibility through creating active partnerships among the women and youths in the community.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to help create a woman that is empowered and equipped to create value for her community by the year 2032.

  • Our Goals
    • To provide our members with Credit and Savings platform
    • To provide training support to women entrepreneurs
    • To provide financially literate education to our member. 
    • To provide social benefits through social gathering, networking, and other social amenities, via technological platforms
  • Our Values
    1. Trust: Providing a reliable team in order to make sure our members have the best experience possible
    2. Commitment: Dedication to empowering our members to make sure they flourish in their future endeavours.
    3. Social Responsibility: Making sure we conduct business ethically and support our members in our local community.
    4. Discipline: Ensuring the rules and guidelines in the constitution are kept by enforcing the proper behaviour of all members.
    5. Equity: We understand the problems our members are facing, and we, therefore, allocate resources to ensure we reach an equal outcome.